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Mayhem drinking water after a fun day at the park with dad


Madness and Luna Practicing their down stay

Trouble Practicing her place


Down Stay

Behavior Mod

Service dog training

Opening doors

Wall stand

Just because …….. “Anytime ” is time to have fun with our babies

1 thought on “Gallery

  1. I learned of ANY TIME DOG TRAINING from Dr Odom DMV
    I have a 5 month old Belgian Malinois that has not left my side since I picked her up at the breeder.
    Unfortunately I had to travel North for a week of work.
    Those that know Belgians know they are a handful and are not for the average pet owner.
    I was not willing to take chances. Marley, my Shepard/Malinois service dog stayed with friends during an extended hospital stay. On 12/22/2022 Marley passed.
    In my search to board Redo i was fortunate to be referred to Mike at anytime.
    For me the choice was simple.
    I had socialized Redo.
    but lagged in training.
    I do not want a Police Dog; I don’t want a military or protection dog.
    I want a brilliant dog for service work.
    why board when you can board and train?
    and now as i learn the skills that Redo was trained.
    As we move forward, to advanced obedience and hope fully Cardiac service.
    Mike will help and wish me well on my quest.

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